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When it comes to scrap metal processing machines, our company is considered a key player in the Central European market. We represent well-known brands, such as Lefort or JMC, that have proven their credibility over the decades.


In order to provide our customers with the best value available for their money, we also deal with the distribution of used models in addition to new machines. If you would like to know more about our current offers, do not hesitate to contact us! Our expert colleagues would love to help you choose the right machine for your purposes.


Our company can also undertake the service support or even the complete renovation of scrap metal processing machines.


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Zöld-Gépezet Ltd. is dealing with the best machines used for scrap metal recycling. The machines we sell are not only efficient, they also provide an environmentally friendly solution.

In addition to distribution, our company also undertakes manintenance, repair and renovation works of balers, scrap shears or shredders.
After prior agreements and obtaining appropriate information about the given construction, we can also undertake the repair and refurbishment of machines not purchased from us.

Exclusive brand representation

Our company officially represents the well known brand, Lefort in the Central European region. Apart from Hungary, we are entitled to exclusively represent Lefort in Romania, Moldova and Croatia as well.

25 years of experience

With 25 years of professional experience and national recognition, we always help our customers to choose the right machine for their goals. With true efficiency and reliability in scrap metal processing.

Modern waste recovery

We consider the protection of nature and precise, complete waste processing to be our most important mission. Our main goal is to contribute to the preservation of our planet’s ecosystem and to help protect the Earth’s values in the long term.

Professional maintenance

We consider the safe operation of our machines important. Thus, we expect our customers to return at any time if there is a problem with any of the equipment purchased from us.

Distribution of modern and efficient machines

We sell the most modern and efficient tools available on the market, be it shearing or baling machines, combined constructions, or just any other tool.