JMC McIntyre 200B

The McIntyre 200B alligator shear is a mobile machine designed for processing scrap metal. It is one of the most efficient solutions in its category.

Blade lenght
200 mm
Maximum cutting force
65 t
4 KW


JMC McIntyre 200B Alligator Shear

The McIntyre 200B is a small yet high-capacity alligator shear. It can process almost any scrap metal that can fit between its 8-inch blades. It is especially popular for its mobility, as the 200B can be used not only on a static workbench, but also on wheels.

The McIntyre 200B has been endowed with an astonishing cutting power that can outperform other machines in its category of scrap metal processing. It can cut through a solid bar made of softer steel up to 42 mm in diameter, 1.65 inches. In addition, the 200B is also excellent for handling and cleaning non-ferrous metals.

It can even be used to process thicker cables and valves, thereby maximizing the revenue generated from scrap metal.

The machine is not only cost-efficient but safe to use as well. All thanks to the foot pedal-controlled shears. The kickback of the material and the safe distance between the operator and the blades are also guaranteed by a manual clamp.

Why is this the best for you?

  • easy to move
  • cost-efficient
  • safe to use

JMC McIntyre 200B Catalogue