JMC McIntyre 407

The McIntyre 407 is a robust alligator shear that is an affordable solution for those who want to do efficient and safe work while recycling scrap metal.

Blade lenght
407 mm
Maximum cutting force
115 t
7.5 KW


JMC McIntyre 407 Alligator Shear

The McIntyre 407 is a robust, efficient, yet affordable solution for those who really value performance. The 407 mm blades have enough power and speed to be able to perform almost any scrap metal cutting task efficiently.

Thanks to its rugged construction, the McIntyre 407 can withstand almost any challenge with ease.  It’s no coincidence that this is one of the manufacturer’s most popular products, used by more than 2,000 scrap metal processing companies around the globe.

The McIntyre 407 is perfectly capable of handling automotive waste, and in addition to standard non-ferrous metal waste, we can process complete gearboxes, cylinder heads, and large valves as well. The machine is also suitable for cutting solid, ferrous metal parts.

Why is this the best for you?

  • Rugged, robust construction
  • Equipped with high quality, long-lasting blades
  • Cost-efficient
  • Safe

JMC McIntyre 407 Catalogue