Lefort diesel and electric shredders

Scrap metal shredder machines, available in diesel and electric versions.

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Lefort Diesel and Electric Scrap Metal Shredders

LEFORT’s robust scrap metal shredders are the perfect solution for the treatment of scrap metal. Machines equipped with the latest technology guarantee users to get the most out of the recycling process. Shredding makes it easier to handle and transport scrap metal. At the same time, it also helps increasing ist value on the market.

The high-performance scrap metal shrdder is available in both diesel and electric versions.

While the electric version is an environmentally friendly solution, the diesel version makes the machine easier to be moved in the absence of a power source. For those who value mobility, the machine is also available in a crawler design, equipped with tracks. With individual production value, in the usual high quality expected from LEFORT.

LEFORT machines are an ideal choice for those who need strong machines when it comes to processing scrap metal. And for those for whom not only speed is important but quality of the work done as well. This is no accident, as the manufacturers have an experience no less than 70 years behind them.

Lefort BR1500 Specification Sheet (TRAX)