Lefort Medium 850T

Lid closing force
300 T
Pusher ram force
120 T
Hold down force
180 T
Box height
600 mm
Box depth
6600 mm
Box width
940 mm
Cutting force
850 T


This is a Lefort Medium 850 shear/baler fiƩed with the hydraulic liŌing legs to make portable. It was manufactured in
2007 and has approx. 18,000 hrs of use. It has been well maintained and worked every day in a busy yard in the South
West of the UK. It is fiƩed with a 6.6m length box with cross secƟon 940x600mm when closed by lids of 300T force per
side. The shear head includes a 180T hold down and 850T cuƫng cylinder. It has the larger power pack of the 850T
model with larger hydraulic tanks and speed of operaƟon. It is a very popular model of used Lefort machine due to its
physical size and strength. It can be transported in one piece and requires a small foundation or mounting frame onto
an exisƟng concrete base.