Lefort Trax 1000 mobile shear and baler

Mobile shear and baler, perfect for shearing and compacting scrap metal.

Cutting force
1000 T
Hold down force
180 T
Pusher ram force
180 T
Lid closing force
350 T
Box height
600 mm
Box width
940 mm
Box depth


Lefort Trax 1000 Mobile Scrap Metal Shear and Baler

Robust, powerful and self-propelled: this is the LEFORT Trax 1000 scrap processing machine. Its biggest advantage, in addition to its brutal performance, lies in its easy and safe mobility.

This remote-controlled, diesel-powered waste compactor is an ideal choice for those who work in an environment where mobility is also important in addition to productivity.

Thanks to the tracks of the LEFORT Trax 1000 shear and baler, we no longer need to move scrap metal from one place to another. The machine guarantees the fluency of work and and an increase in everyday productivity.

The TRAX 1000 is the most powerful piece in the TRAX series, with a cutting force of no less than 1000 tons. This makes it the perfect tool for any workplace where, in addition to reliability and ease of use, serious performance is essential.

The TRAX 1000, like other machines from the LEFORT brand, can stand its ground in all working conditions. Thanks to its excellent design, it is not only a practical, but also a long-lasting and reliable model.

As soon as the machine arrives in your yard, it can be used immediately!

LEFORT TRAX 1000 Specification Sheet