McIntyre 2035 baler

The McIntyre 2035 is a small, mobile scrap metal baler that is one of the most efficient solutions on the market in its price range.

Pusher ram force
45 T
Lid closing force
22 T
Box width
355.6 mm
Box height
715 mm
Box depth
Bale size
Maximum baling force
45 T
Production capacity per hour (cu)
1 T/h


JMC McIntyre 2035 Scrap Metal Baler

The McIntyre 2035 is a cost-effective scrap metal baler that offers enough power to outperform the much larger machines.

As the saying goes: small rain lays great dust, which is exponentially true for McIntyre 2035. This little machine is equipped with a cutting force of 22 tons and a pusher ram force of 45 tons. Which means it has enough power to process almost any non-ferrous scrap metal.

Heavy-duty four-sided, reversible blades make it extremely easy to work with oversized materials, giving the McIntyre 2035 metal baler the ability to produce 355 mm x 200 mm bales in just over 30 seconds.

Its small size makes it easy to move, allowing us to not only use it on site, but also transport it elsewhere easily and safely.

Why is this the best for you?

  • mobile design
  • high cutting and pusher ram force
  • low service requirements

McIntyre 2035 Bálázó Catalogue