McIntyre 407 Diesel alligator shear

The McIntyre 407 Diesel is an efficient and affordable shear that allows you to process scrap metal quickly and efficiently.

Blade lenght
407 mm
Maximum cutting force
115 t
7.5 KW


JMC McIntyre 407 Diesel Alligator Shear

The McIntyre 407 Diesel alligator shear has enough energy to process even the toughest scrap metal parts. Not only does it do its job efficiently, but it is also strong enough to withstand the greatest difficulties and challenges of the job. It allows you to shred scrap metal into smaller pieces and it also helps to separate different materials.

With its help, waste management becomes extremely simple and the revenue generated from scrap metal can be easily maximized. Thanks to its blades, in addition to the usual non-ferrous scrap metal, you can easily handle automotive aluminum scrap, cylinder heads and blocks, whole gear boxes. And in addition to large gate valves, you can also efficiently cut plastic or rubber with it. In addition, it is suitable for processing ferrous metals as well.

The advantage of the McIntyre 407 Diesel alligator shear lies in its strength and economical operation.  It runs on diesel, making it one of the most affordable alternatives when it comes to processing scrap metal quickly and efficiently.

It’s no coincidence that this is the manufacturer’s most popular machine, with more than 2,000 of them working in the yards of various waste processing plants around the world.

Why is this the best for you?

  • rugged and robust design
  • easy to use
  • can cope with the most difficult tasks
  • cost-effective operation

McIntyre 407 Diesel Catalogue