McIntyre 500 HD Diesel alligator shear

Powered by a diesel engine, the McIntyre 500 HD is one of the most efficient new generation shears on the market, providing not only a powerful but also a mobile solution.

Blade lenght
508 mm
Maximum cutting force
120 t
7.5 KW


JMC McIntyre 500 HD Diesel Alligator Shear

The new generation McIntyre 500 HD alligator shear is faster and more powerful than any other scrap processing machine of a similar size on the market. It can be used for cleaning and processing non-ferrous scrap as well as for waste separation.

Thanks to its automatic clamp and 20-inch blade, it keeps the material to be processed in an optimal position, making it one of the most efficient and most popular alternatives on the market. The McIntyre 500 HD is specifically designed to outperform its competitors in terms of both speed and performance. It is excellent for cleaning and processing most scrap metal, including automotive waste such as complete gearboxes, cooling systems, or cylinder heads that would be difficult for other machines to cope with. In addition to processing aluminum scrap, it can also be used to work with ferrous metals.

Thanks to its diesel engine, it not only has tremendous power, but is also one of the best solutions in terms of mobility. In the absence of a power source, it can be used even in the case of many relocations. The McIntyre brand guarantees that the machine is able to provide maximum performance at minimal cost.

Why is this the best for you?

  • fast and efficient
  • robust and resistant
  • cost-effective
  • one of the best solutions in its category

McIntyre 500 HD Diesel Catalogue