McIntyre 5025 Hippo Baler

The McIntyre 5025 Hippo Baler can be used in semi-automatic and manual mode as well. It is a robust baler that is also great for shearing scrap metal.

Pusher ram force
150 T
Lid closing force
160 T
Box width
680 mm
Box height
835 mm
Box depth
Bale size
Maximum baling force
150 T
Production capacity per hour (cu)
2 T/h


JMC McIntyre 5025 Hippo Non-ferrous Metal Baler

The McIntyre 5025 Hippo Baler is a robust and powerful baler. It is one of the best choices for upper-mid-range devices, as it guarantees more power and efficiency than the 5025 SB or 5025BF.

The McIntyre 5025 Hippo baler is designed to perform the functions of two robust machines at the same time. It is also excellent for shearing and baling scrap metal, and can be used in semi-automatic mode as well as with manual control.

The blades on three sides of the machine allow the 5025 Hippo baler to handle even large pieces of scrap metal with ease.

McIntyre designed the Hippo Baler for those who value not only efficiency but also ruggedness and timeless construction. The protection mechanism that prevents the wear of the hydraulic components and the accidental damage of the main cylinder rod, as well as the chrome-plated components guarantee long-lasting, high-quality work.

The McIntyre 5025 Hippo Baler is built on many years of experience and expertise, making it the best choice for those looking for a truly powerful and efficient machine.

Why is this the best for you?

  • robust and rugged design
  • fast and efficient work
  • wide applicability
  • easily handles large amounts of scrap metal

McIntyre 5025 Hippo Catalogue