McIntyre 5025BF baler

The McIntyre 5025BF is an efficient and robust machine for baling and shearing scrap metal.

Pusher ram force
80 T
Lid closing force
123 T
Box width
507 mm
Box height
860 mm
Box depth
Bale size
Maximum baling force
80 T
Production capacity per hour (cu)
2.5 T/h


JMC McIntyre 5025BF Non-ferrous Metal Baler

The McIntyre 5025BF baler is designed to do the job of two robust machines at the same time. Designed to act as both a baler and heavy duty yardshear, specifically for handling heavy-duty tasks.

The McIntyre 5025BF baler is designed to be able do the job of two robust machines at the same time. It is both a baler and a high-performance shearing machine. The McIntyre 5025 BF can deliver more performance than any similar machine in its category. 70 tons of cutting force and 80 tons of pusher ram force guarantee the quick and efficient processing of different ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal.

Using the machine can simplify the task of waste management and in many cases eliminates the need for expensive shearing equipment. Like its other machines, McIntyre has designed this baler for those for whom, in addition to efficiency, the quality of the work done is also important. In addition, efforts were made to design a long-lasting, robust structure.

Why is this the best for you?

  • huge cutting force
  • fast and efficient work
  • robust and resistant design
  • wide applicability

McIntyre 5025 BF Catalogue