McIntyre 640-240T electric alligator shear

The McIntyre 640-240T electric alligator shear is a robust machine that makes the handling of scrap metal not only efficient but safe as well.

Blade lenght
640 mm
Maximum cutting force
240 t
18.5 KW


JMC McIntyre 640-240T Electric Alligator Shear

The 640-240T alligator shear is one of McIntyre’s most efficient machines. It holds a real beastly force, and thanks to its capabilities, it is able to cut up to 88mm (3.5″) mild steel.

The electric 640-240T is one of McIntyre’s toughest machines. It has greater cutting ability than any other alligator shears in its category. Thanks to its electric engine, it is not only powerful and efficient, but also economical and environmentally friendly to operate.

The 640-240T is an outstanding device not only in terms of performance but also in terms of safety as well. The blades can be operated with a foot pedal, which guarantees efficient and safe control. Moreover, it can even be operated automatically for the most optimal performance possible.

The machine has been equipped with a special cooling system so its shears can be operated efficiently even in extreme weather conditions.

Why is this the best for you?

  • high performance
  • economical operation
  • durable design
  • safety

McIntyre 640-240T Catalogue