McIntyre Drum Crushers

McIntyre drum crushers are able process waste barrels efficiently. At two speeds to always suit your needs.

Pusher ram force
Lid closing force
Box width
Box height
Box depth
25 Barrels/hour
827 Kg
2.2 KW


JMC McIntyre Drum Crushers

If you are planning on processing disused barrels, you can choose from two models that can do the trick. McIntyre drum crushers can process all types of closed or uncapped barrels with a capacity of up to 205 liters (45 gallons). Both machines are fully automatic and can be easily adapted to small barrels as well.

The main difference between the two models lies in the operating speed. The high-speed HS version is designed to process large volumes of barrels quickly and can handle up to 100 45-gallon (205-liter) barrels per hour. This machine also has a separate portable power supply so it can be easily connected to other hydraulic equipment.

The slower version, on the other hand, is capable of processing a limited amount of waste, handling 25 barrels per 45 gallons (205 liters) per hour.

The machine is extremely easy to operate. The only requirement to run this machine is a levelled site and a suitable single-phase electrical supply.

Why is this the best for you?

  • fast and efficient work
  • safe handling
  • simplicity

McIntyre Hordóprés (Standard&HS Version) Catalogue