McIntyre M20 metal can baler

McIntyre M20 offers an effective solution for compacting waste beverage cans into bales.

Pusher ram force
30 T
Lid closing force
Box width
738 mm
Box height
1290 mm
Box depth
Bála méret
MAX bálázási erő
30 T
Production capacity per hour (al)
0.5 T/h


JMC McIntyre M20 Metal Can Baler

The McIntyre M20 offers a cost-effective solution for baling aluminum cans, steel cans and aluminum foils. The machine takes the waste and compresses it into dense cubes. With the bales obtained in this way, we have nothing more to do, they are immediately ready for transport or storage.

The bales have an output size of 274 mm x 274 mm x Variable and weigh approximately 10 kilograms each. This means that they are easy to move due to their size and weight, and can be easily transported.

The M20 Baler will accept cans up to 250 mm x 480 mm and will produce up to 500 kg of 20 g aluminium drink cans per hour. The smaller the size of the can, the greater the machine output. The output speed is 750 kg of bales per hour in the case of 20 gram beverage cans.

The McIntyre M20 beverage can baler can also be used with the Alpack 2000 automatic sorter.

Why is this the best for you?

  • fast
  • cost-efficient
  • compatible with the Alpack 2000 can sorter

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