McIntyre 6140 Semi-automatic Hippo baler

This McIntyre 6140 Hippo is a high-performance semi-automatic baler that is not only safer but also more powerful than the manual version.

Pusher ram force
160 T
Lid closing force
150 T
Box width
680 mm
Box height
835 mm
Box depth
Bale size
Maximum baling force
160 T
Production capacity per hour (cu)
4 T/h


JMC McIntyre 6140 Semi-automatic Hippo Baler

Equipped with a lid shear force of up to 160 tons, the semi-automatic McIntyre 6140 Hippo can offer much more than a simple baler. It can do the work of two robust tools at the same time, as the manufacturer has endowed it with exceptional shearing and baling capabilities.

Blades on three sides of the loading box allow the machine to easily handle large amounts of scrap metal.

McIntyre has invented the 6140 Semi-automatic Hippo Baler for those who value not only efficiency but also a rugged construction and timeless design.

Its surface is endowed with long-lasting hard wear plates. Built-in filters protect hydraulic components from wear. A lid fail-safe mechanism prevents accidental damage to the main ram rod.

The manufacturer has invested many years of work experience and expertise in the design of this machine. That’s why it’s the best choice for those looking for a really high-performance and efficient machine for high-quality work.

Why is this the best for you?

  • robust and rugged design
  • outstanding security
  • fast and efficient workflow
  • wide applicability

McIntyre 6140 Hippo Catalogue