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Let me to introduce myself: I am a McIntyre 640D Alligator Shear. I have a particularly high cutting power of 180 tons, so I can’t run away from more serious challenges. Especially after I underwent a complete renovation thanks to the specialists of Zöld Gépezet Kft.


Previously, I served in foggy Albion, England, but the continued high performance had its price: I was in a somewhat depressed state. Fortunately, the specialists of Zöld Gépezet Kft. did not give up on me at their site in Békéscsaba: I also received a new Blades, new bronze bushings, a new pump and clutch, as well as a new hydraulic filter and electronic control.


In addition, they also renovated my protective cover with paint and sand blasting, so not only did it make me more pleasant to look at, but we’ve also done a bit to help you work safely. I cannot go without saying that my previous engine, an outdated diesel engine, has been replaced with an electric motor, so not only the maintenance costs of my new owner have been reduced, but also my ecological footprint, which I am very proud of. After the renovation, I found a new home in the Netherlands, and since then I have been doing my work there with perseverance and joy ever since.