Welcome, dear visitor.

I am a Copex 630T (S/N:156) machine.

I am famous not only for my performance but also for my robust size within the scrap metal processing industry. Therefore, when I found out that after many years of working, I needed improvement, the professionals did not have an easy task with me. Thanks to my 80 tons weight, my employer did not want to bother with my transport, so the people of Zöld-Gépezet Kft. worked on me for 5 weeks at my home and work site

During this time, the following works were carried out on me:

  • Blade Change
  • Repair of Blade seat
  • Replacement of the sliding element on the guillotine
  • Replacement of cutting cylinder seals
  • Replacement of clamping sliding element
  • Replacement of door cylinder rod with gasket and replacement of the associated bushings and pins
  • Replacement of ram cylinder rod, with gasket and mounting
  • Front and rear armour plate replacement
  • Replacement of box bottom
  • Filter Change
  • Restoration of the lubricating system (From parts provided by Copex)

And that’s not all, since during the work, other hidden defects were found on me.

I was frightened for a moment, but there was nothing to worry about. After all, the experts of the Green Mechanics flexibly solved the problems on the spot.

Thanks to them, I can finally work hard again, just like when I was new! I feel I’ve never been in such good condition.