Welcome dear visitor!


Please let me to introduce myself. I am a Lefort Corema Shark 500 Aligator shear model. One of my most important characteristics is the huge workload and the high speed of work, which was also highlighted by the specialists of Zöld Gépezet Kft. Perhaps I am not the most powerful knife in the drawer, with a cutting power of 80 tons and a cutting speed of 20-40 strokes per minute, both my old and new owners are satisfied.


I started my career at a site in Hungary, but over time I got into an increasingly stormy state. Fortunately, my owner found the best solution for me, so one day the specialists of Zöld Gépezet Kft. just picked me up and delivered to their site in Békéscsaba.


After that, it’s all history:

  • I got a new blade
  • new control electronics and a new plastic protective cover,
  • new wheels,
  • new bronze bushings and bearings,
  • a new clutch,
  • new hydraulic filters,
  • and new hydraulic oil.



In addition, by sandblasting and painting, my exterior has also been renewed.  We can say that thanks to Zöld Gépezet Kft I was renewed inside and out, so after being delivered back to my owner in a turnkey condition, I gladly and smoothly resumed the work, which I have been doing since then without errors.