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I’m a JMC McIntyre 407 alligator shear, After getting a bit tired of many years of work, I went to the specialists of Zöld-Gépezet Co. Ltd. from my master in order to whip me into shape and make me work again as I did when I was new.

And the professionals have done a perfect job on me despite the fact that my renovation was not a normal job in the life of the company.

During the work, replacement of the cylinder gasket, replacement  of clutch and bushing were also carried out.

The Zöld-Gépezet Co. Ltd. helped my master in everything. They did everything not only in respect of renovation, but also transportation. They brought me, and then after work, they took me back to work. So my owner had nothing to do but start me up. At present,  the great share of my work has been taken from me by a new machine, and I’m used as a backup machine. However, this does not mean that if I’m needed, I would not work at full power.

In fact! Thanks to the Zöld-Gépészet Co. Ltd. I work with the efficiency of cutting scrap metal as I did it when I was new!