Welcome, dear visitor.

I am a Lefort 420TSPM type metal scrap shear and baler machine. I was manufactured in 1990, and I arrived in Hungary almost 20 years ago. My master at that time bought me with a complete restoration. However, over the years, I got a little tired at work and needed another, complete renovation. That’s when I came to the specialists of Zöld-Gépezet Co. Ltd., who made it sure that I could work again as I did in my new age.

To this end, I went through the following works:

  • first the cutting head was completely renovated,
  • work continued with hinges and sumps,
  • up to the complete renovation of the engine and the pump.

After the renovation, I passed the technical exam, and then I went to see the world. I went to France, where I got a job at a local car shed, and I’ve been doing excellent ever since. As if I just rolled out the factory gate!

Finally, I can regain my favourite activity, scrap metal processing, and I feel better in my skin than ever before. This is due to no one else but the experts of the Zöld-Gépezet Co. Ltd.