Welcome, dear visitor!

I am a Lefort Conkeror 500 machine. And you know, sometimes my life isn’t easy either.

I have rolled off the production line in 2009 and worked hard for seven years in a row. I worked a lot of hours, many times I even did overtime. Then I changed jobs in 2016, but before that I underwent a major factory renovation.

Since then, I have been working almost non-stop. Of course, I love my job, so much so that I even undertake contract work for maximum utilization. Sometimes, though, it happens to me that I get tired. That’s when I need a little rest.

That’s why I was recently sent on leave by my employer. He chose the best place for me, where a Lefort machine could rest and get refreshed: the site of Zöld-Gépezet Ltd.

During my stay there, the professionals treated me very well and did several important renovation works on me. As a result, I was able to return to my job as if I was completely rejuvenated.

I would like to thank the following work to the experts of Zöld-Gépezet:

  • hinging,
  • 4-sided boxing
  • replacement of the sliding element,
  • replacement of the ram cylinder stem and plug seal,
  • the stopping of camshaft leakage
  • the replacement of the main pressure clamp.

Without the professionals, it is possible that I should have retired a long time ago. However, I can work again with as much efficiency and effort as I did in 2009 after I have rolled off the production line.

Thanks to them, I can do scrap metal processing for many years to come, which is not only a job for me, but also my profession and the greatest pleasure in the whole wide world!