Welcome, dear visitor! Let me introduce myself. I’m a Lefort Conkeror 850T shear and baler machine. I have great cutting power, which is why I can do really serious work. However, it happens that a powerful machine like me gets tired.

For example, I travelled straight from Belgium to Hungary in order to get back in shape after many years of work. My original owner has already started my renovation, but the work was cut off. Fortunately, the specialists of Zöld-Gépezet Co. Ltd. did not let this, and they helped me to regain my workforce, as if I were new.

To this end, I have undergone a complete renovation and I was endowed with a 1000 ton cutting head to be able to perform bigger tasks than before. After the work was done, I went to work almost immediately.

Now I work in the Netherlands for shearing and baling scrap metal, and my new owners could not be more satisfied with my work. Thanks to the experts of the Zöld-Gépezet Co. Ltd.