Welcome, dear visitor!

I am a Lefort Mobile 500 machine.

I have a 230-horsepower IVECO diesel engine, and thanks to my 500-tonne cutting force and 5-meter-long box, I always perform my tasks reliably. You could also say that I am the real hero of the scrap metal processing industry!

I’ve been doing the job for a long time and have never had a complaint about me, but sometimes even the best ones need a little refreshment.

I was moved to the site of Zöld-Gépezet Kft. Before Christmas in 2018, in order to get back in shape and be like when I was young. And luckily I got into the best hands a scrap metal processing machine could imagine!

A number of specialists were working on getting me back in shape.

In order:

  • They repaired my knife cylinder and replaced my seals
  • The sliding parts at the head have been replaced.
  • My worn down knife was replaced and the knife has also been repaired.
  • They also did not forget to repair the ram and the door opener cylinder
  • The greasing points have been tidied up and the tank has also been repaired.
  • The hydraulic pump was also checked.
  • This was followed by the cleaning of the tanks,
  • replacement of the hydraulic filter,
  • fixing some faults on the body
  • and repairing the hydraulic block.
  • The work was completed by the manufacturing and installation of a guillotine security door,after which I even got a new electronic control on top of it all!

Now I feel like I’ve never been better! And my owner didn’t have to do anything, he just had to arrange my delivery. Specialists az Zöld-Gépezet have even organized the craning for me. Thanks to them, I can finally be like I was in my young days. And I can do the scrap metal processing work for many more years to come, in which I am the best in the countryside near and far!