Welcome, dear visitor!

I am a Lefort Mobile 500 S / N: 650 machine.

One of the most reliable, portable scrap metal machines in the industry. With a cutting force of no less than 500 tons, I guarantee that the work is always done in the most efficient way possible.

I worked very hard during my previous job, but unfortunately I had very little time to rest. As a result, my parts have been pretty much worn down. That’s why I was sent to the site of Zöld-Gépezet Ltd. The professionals inspected, refurbished, and replaced everything almost to my last screw. Since then, I feel like I’ve been reborn.

In order to get back in shape, I had to go through the following works:

  • Hinging for central greasing, using groove turning
  • Installation of the small dooredge
  • 4-sided boxing
  • replacement of the guillotine slider
  • Plating of the slide
  • The housing of the clamping cylinder has been repaired, the torn screws have been repaired and the clamping plate has been repaired and welded.
  • The knife nest has been repaired
  • I also underwent repairing and drilling of the door cylinder pins and changing of the seals
  • The door cracks were welded
  • My rear armor plate was replaced
  • Repairing and dismounting of the the ram, replacing its bolts and half rings
  • The knife cylinder has also been repaired, the seal has been replaced, the torn bolts have been replaced and the nest has been drilled in line. The latter is a very special job that requires special expertise and attention!

And this is just the beginning. This was followed by tasks such as:

  • Securing the cab, stair construction, staircase production
  • Tank cleaning, filter replacement.
  • Repair of insoles
  • Replacement of hydraulic pipes, elimination of oil leakage
  • welding of tearings and cracks
  • Sandblasting and paintings
  • Repairing front armor plate
  • Pusher ram stem repair
  • Knife replacement
  • Installation of new electrical control system with radio remote control
  • Replacing the clamping slider

There is still some more, shall I continue?

During the renovation work, my pump has also underwent a complete renovation, and the specialists also solved the task of central lubrication. So from now on, this task is performed by an automatic machine instead of my operator, which means that greasing will be never forgotten. This way I can expect to spend many long, happy years working in my current job.

The list is amazingly long, right? Not coincidentally, as I have been in for a major renovation for a long time.

But thanks to the experts at Zöld-Gépezet, I feel like I am young again and can once again do the job that I love at full force. The efficient and fast processing of scrap metal!