Welcome, dear visitor.

I am a Lefort Mobile 500 (S/N:464) machine.

I am the second Lefort machine that came to Hungary in the mid-nineties. So I think it’s fair to say that I am a real pioneer and a veteran in the profession. So you can guess that even the best machines at this age sometimes need some rest and maintenance.

For this purpose I came to the site of Zöld-Gépezet Kft. in January 2020, where I was practically reborn under the careful hands of the professionals. To this end, I had to undertake the following works during my stay:

  • Box re-line
  • Replacement of the bronze bushing of the door opening cylinders
  • Blade Change
  • Repair of Blade
  • Replacement of the hydraulic manifold

My original equipment included a crane, but this one was removed by my newest employer. So my mass has become much easier, and this makes the work easier and smoother for me.

Thanks to the reconstructions, despite my prestigious age, I again feel like I was young and I can do my job again as efficiently as I did on my first working day. I trust that, thanks to the work of professionals, this will remain that way, and I will be able to worship my favourite activity, the processing of scrap metal for at least the same time.