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I am a durable and extremely efficient Lefort PAAC 400 (1C) non-ferrous metal baler from Belgium. Unfortunately, it has happened to me that in addition to a lot of work, I did not have time to rest, so some screws loosened here and there and my strength wore out.


Fortunately, the specialists of Zöld Gépezet Kft. realized in time that I needed rest and a thorough maintenance, so they immediately transported me to their site in Békéscsaba and did a lot of good things with me. So to speak, they replaced all my outdated, tired parts.


For example, I got a new ram fitting with a new liner and a new ram working cylinder stem, but not just that: a new working cylinder sleeve with a new gasket and new seals. In addition, new knives were installed on me and my ejection door also underwent a complete renovation, i.e. not only new seals were installed in the working cylinder, but also new sliding elements were fitted.


What else is new on me? Hydraulic hoses, high current electrical cabinet and PLC control too, not to mention careful and competent hands have also cleaned up my complete hydraulics system. And as an extra, I also got a new material ejection slide, a feeding funnel and a 10 meter long conveyor running at adjustable speed! I came to Dunaújváros in practically turnkey condition for further work, which I am really looking forward to after all the time off!