Zold001-Lefort Pc400

The Lefort Pc400 is a great non-ferrous metal processing machine that is not only capable of shearing but also can do the baling. Thanks to the automatic functions, its operation is extremely simple.

Cutting force
200 T
Hold down force
Pusher ram force
100 T
Lid closing force
80 T
Box height
400 mm
Box width
400 mm
Box depth
3000 mm


Zold001-Lefort Pc400 Scrap Metal Shear and Baler

A refurbished Lefort Pc400 shear / baler for sale. The PC400 is great for sites where there is a lot of non-ferrous scrap metal to work with. In addition to cutting it is capable of baling as well. It depends on what the user wants to do with it.

With a 30 Kw electric engine, it is absolutely economical to operate, making it an excellent choice at any scrap metal yards where work with non-ferrous metals is taken seriously.