Zold066-Leimbach HVP33/245 3 Dimenziós bálázó

The Leimbach 3D baler can make an extremely dense bale in a short time.



Zold066-Leimbach HVP33/245 3D Scrap Metal Baler

Leimbach HVP33/245 3 Dimension baler is one of the masterpieces of our range. What you need to know about the 3D balers is that unlike most balers, they press the bale from 3 sides instead of 1 or 2 sides. This results in a bale with an above-average bulk density. Another big advantage of 3D balers is that they are extremely fast, so the owner just needs to make sure they have enough raw material for feeding the machine.


Bale size: 300 x 300mm
Compression box size: 2200 x 1000 x 800mm
Feed size: 1700 x 1000mm
Bale per hour (max): 138
Capacity: 11 – 14 T / hour
Propulsion: 1x 90kW
Compression force: 1.Compression: 110 T
2.Compression: 170 T
3.Compression: 245 T
Max Compression: 45 – 50
Overall dimensions: 6300 x 5000 x 3600 mm
Feed height: 2400mm
Weight: 47 T