McIntyre 600 HD Diesel alligator shear

The McIntyre 600 HD Diesel is a powerful shearing machine that allows you to process scrap metal quickly and efficiently.

Blade lenght
608 mm
Maximum cutting force
120 t
7.5 KW


JMC McIntyre 600 HD Diesel Alligator Shear

Thanks to its extended 608 mm blades, the McIntyre 600 HD Diesel is ideal for both shearing and cleaning scrap metal. Due to its large cutting surface, it not only does its job efficiently, but is also strong enough to withstand all challenges and difficulties. With the help of this machine, any scrap metal can be cleaned and sheard into smaller pieces. It simplifies waste management, thus maximizing the revenue that can be recovered from scrap metal. In addition, it is extremely safe to use.

The privilege of the McIntyre 600 HD Diesel alligator shear lies in its mobility along with its power. The machine runs on diesel, so it can be moved easily and operated with lack of a power source as well.

The quality of the work done with the 600 HD Diesel is guaranteed by both the quality parts and the expertise already known from McIntyre.

Why is this the best for you?

  • larger cutting surface
  • cost-effective operation
  • safe

McIntyre 600 HD Diesel Catalogue