McIntyre Terminator Semi-automatic baler

The McIntyre Terminator is a high-performance semi-automatic baler that is not only safer to use but also more powerful and efficient than the manual version.

Pusher ram force
80 T
Lid closing force
100 T
Box width
507 mm
Box height
860 mm
Box depth
Bale size
Maximum baling force
80 T
Production capacity per hour (cu)
3 T/h


JMC McIntyre Terminator Semi-automatic Baler

The McIntyre Terminator is a high-end semi-automatic baler. In its design, the manufacturer used as much professional knowledge as possible about baling technologies.

The semi-automatic Terminator is equipped with an intelligent control system that improves operator safety and allows easy loading of the baler. Semi-automatic control increases the transmission speed and makes the operator’s work simpler and safer.

The front and the sides of the box are surrounded by a sorting table. This not only helps with loading, but also serves as a safety barrier between the operator and the cover of the machine. The Terminator Semi-automatic also has a rail that transports baled material from the machine to the ideal unloading height.

The semi-automatic Terminator is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a more serious solution than the power the manual version can offer. A tool for true maximalists who expect fast and accurate work and pay close attention to the safety of the workers operating the machines.

Why is this the best for you?

  • robust and rugged design
  • greater cutting force than the manual version
  • outstanding security
  • fast and efficient workflow

McIntyre Terminator Semmi-automatic Catalogue